IP Valencia 12th – 17th april 2013

  • IP Valencia:

Markstrat is a strategic marketing simulation which offers undergraduates, Masters and MBA students a risk-free platform to test theories and make decisions. Thanks to this marketing strategy simulation game every aspect is real: from competitive forces to the effects of sales, distribution, R&D and advertising.  Participants make decisions and see their results and consequences at one. As English speaking multinational teams, they face an intensive and challenging week with 12 decision rounds. Each team’s actions will have direct consequences on the market, thus competitive analysis is a must. Competitor actions and reactions, new product launches, sales and distribution strategies all define how teams will manage their own product portfolio, R&D projects, positioning, pricing and distribution channels.

LEVEL Experienced marketers, MBA and Master students
VERSIONS AVAILABLE B2C Durable Goods (electronics), B2C Consumer Goods (cosmetics), B2B (mechatronics)
PARTICIPANTS MISSION Formulate and implement the long-term marketing strategy of a large corporation, on both established and emerging markets
KEY LEARNINGS Learn fundamental strategic marketing concepts,Experience essential marketing tools (marketing plan, perceptual mapping, conjoint, regression, portfolio analysis),Master market and competitive analysis
LENGTH 6 to 10 years of business activity (in 6 to 10 decision rounds)
COMPETITION TYPE Team against Team (industries of 4 to 6 competing teams)Team against Computer



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